Dr. Frederick’s Original Neoprene Heel Guard Set – 2 Pieces – Heel Protectors – Relieve Heel Pain from Plantar Fasciitis – Heel Spur – Cracked Heels

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What do I get? You’ll receive two soft and flexible neoprene heel protectors that wrap around your heel, cushioning your aching foot, even while wearing shoes or boots. Feel the

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What do I get?
You’ll receive two soft and flexible neoprene heel protectors that wrap around your heel, cushioning your aching foot, even while wearing shoes or boots. Feel the relief from repetitive foot pain from the first step you take!

How do I use them?
Just stretch the soft material around your foot, and pull on like a shoe, hugging your heel. Put on your socks (snug-fitting socks, like compression socks, work especially well), then a looser shoe so you’ve got enough space to avoid squishing your foot, and you’re ready to go! Men and women will feel fast relief from heel pain, whether you’re wearing boots or tennis shoes!

How do I take care of them?
Our neoprene heel guards are easy to clean and reuse – just wash with soap and water, air dry, and go! Avoid over-stretching and exposure to sunlight to prevent discoloration or degrading the material.

Don’t suffer in silence any longer.
Our orthotic, moisturizing supports will help you get back on your feet and back to doing the things you love.

– Plantar Fasciitis
– Heel pain
– Heel spurs
– Cracked heels
– Dry feet
– Foot pain
– Trouble walking without pain

FLEXIBLE, AMORTIGUADO, DURABLE – Mientras que otros protectores del talón se extienden demasiado rápidamente, tienen muy poca flexibilidad, o no proporcionan el amortiguador, los protectores originales del talón ortopédicos del Dr. Frederick son la cosa verdadera, desemejante de otros knockoffs o impostores. Le damos un envoltorio de neopreno que proporciona más estructura que nuestros competidores, por lo que obtener apoyo y alivio del pie y el dolor de talón que viene con los talones agrietados y fascitis plantar.
FLEXIBLE, CUSHIONED, DURABLE – While other heel protectors may stretch out too quickly, have too little flexibility, or not provide cushioning, Dr. Frederick’s Original orthotic inspired heel guards are the real thing. We give you a neoprene wrap that provides more structure than our competitors, so you get support and relief from the foot and heel pain that comes with cracked heels, plantar fasciitis, and other hindfoot problems.
TAKE A STEP TOWARDS LESS PAIN WITH OUR EASY-TO-USE HEEL PROTECTORS – They’re soft and supportive, not stiff or filled with leaky gel like other products! Just place the wraparound guard exactly where you need it, and walk your way to a more active life. You can also wear our heel sleeve at night with lotion on your heels for extra moisturizing treatment!
GET BACK TO DOING WHAT YOU LOVE – Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and dry, calloused feet hurt without proper support! They can even cause you to want to hide your feet because of unsightly cracking. With our comfortable, flexible, moisture wicking, and effective neoprene supports, you’ll be back to showing off your pedicure at the beach, or hiking, biking, and running as quickly as possible!
SET OF 2 HEEL PROTECTORS FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS – Get a total of 2 neoprene heel guards that will cushion your feet and relieve arch & heel pain. Our strong, soft, open toe cushions are flexible but firm, easy to wash, and durable so you can reuse them multiple times.
PHYSICIAN FOUNDED: The team at ‘Dr. Frederick’s Original’ uses our medical expertise to bring you the most effective products, meaning you can count on us to help you start feeling better, fast!